Domestic workers

9-month trial period for domestic workers takes effect

The Labor Ministry announced on Friday that the decision to extend the probationary period for domestic workers from three months to nine months would take effect on Saturday.

This comes in application of Decision No. 21 of 2021 amending certain provisions of Decision No. 8 of 2005 regulating the conditions and procedures for authorizing the recruitment of domestic workers from abroad for others.
The ministry said in a statement that recruitment agencies are required to guarantee the employer a nine-month trial period for the domestic worker.
In the first three months, the employer has the right to terminate the employment contract and to recover the full amount he paid to the recruitment office, while the additional probationary period of six months the holder guarantees the return of the amount paid to him by the employer, less 15% of the total amount due, for each month that the worker spent with the employer during the additional probationary period, less any government costs incurred in one of the following cases: refusal of the worker to work, absent or an illness with a chronic illness.
During this time, the employer’s right will also be lost if the employer assaults the worker and violates any of the clauses of the contract with the worker.
The ministry pointed out that the Employment Department has held several consultative meetings with recruitment agencies over the past period, with the aim of presenting the provisions of the decision and its correct mechanisms for implementation to them. employers’ rights to domestic workers in addition to the rights of recruitment agencies.
The ministry added that new models of employment contracts for domestic workers have been prepared in accordance with the provisions of Decision No. 21 of 2021 amending certain provisions of Decision No. 8 of 2005.
The new models have been distributed to recruitment offices so that the form of contracts between employers and recruitment offices is standardized.
The ministry said it will continue to take all measures, decisions and instructions that will preserve the rights of employers to domestic workers in a way that relieves the burden on the family in Qatari society regarding obligations arising from breach of contracts. work or running away from domestic workers.
He said he would closely monitor the implementation of the obligations stipulated in the law, regulations and instructions, that he would intensify his inspection campaigns at recruitment offices and that he would take legal action against any person who violates laws and decisions, calling on all employers to report any breach of contract so that the relevant department of the Ministry of Labor can take the necessary measures.