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90 dinar salary expected to be paid to new Ethiopian domestic workers – ARAB TIMES

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KUWAIT, May 15: The Ethiopian delegation has arrived in Kuwait and is expected to iron out the details of the national labor agreement in a meeting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Public Authority for Manpower and the Federation recruitment offices for domestic workers today, reports the daily Al-Qabas. An official PAM source said, “There is an agreement between Kuwait and Ethiopia to sign a Labor MoU to regulate the recruitment of domestic workers from Addis Ababa.”

The source added that “one of the conditions for the activation of the agreement is to ‘reopen’ the Ethiopian embassy or one of the offices in the country, to follow up the affairs of the domestic workers, whether at the level of procedures and/or consular services of other transactions”, so that “Kuwait can deal directly with the Embassy of the Ethiopian office in Kuwait and not through intermediary offices.

The source said that Kuwait “hosts domestic workers from many countries, including the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Benin and Sri Lanka, and work is underway to sign labor agreements. with Ethiopia in this area”. In this context, the head of the Federation of Domestic Labor Recruitment Offices, Khaled Al-Dakhnan, indicated that the salary of the Ethiopian domestic worker will be set at around 90 dinars per month. He added earlier that it has been agreed with the Association of Ethiopian Offices the monthly salary for new contracts coming to Kuwait, and other points will be discussed in the next meeting with the delegation.

He pointed out that Ethiopian workers before taking up employment will be trained on how to deal with families and Kuwaiti society and how to master household chores. The Federation of Kuwait Offices has visited Ethiopia several times over the past period and agreed on issues relating to new domestic workers, training methods and approved centers. According to labor market statistics released late last year, the total number of Ethiopian domestic workers in the country was 10,689; 91% of them women.