AAP slaps MCDs for sacking housekeeping staff – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

NEW DELHI: The AAP alleged on Friday that around 1,000 housekeeping and data entry workers
the operators of the municipal corporations in the south and north were dismissed at the request of the saffron party.
PAA Senior Chief Durgesh Pathak has alleged that the BJP’s mishandling of MCDs continues to worsen day by day. “After failing to pay dues for its garbage management companies, the municipal corporation snatched the jobs of 1,000 Safai Karamcharis regardless of the condition of their households,” he added.

“Two hundred and fifty North MCD housekeepers, 100 South MCD data entry clerks and all East MCD headquarters staff have been terminated at the request of the BJP. After refusing its services to Karol Bagh area, Metro Waste Company also refuses to collect garbage from northeast Delhi. The central BJP government is going on a rampage to create heaps of rubbish all over Delhi despite promising a grievance-free MCD after unification,” Pathak added. He appealed to the central government to erase dues from all companies and restore jobs to all laid-off employees.

Meanwhile, East MCD opposition leader Manoj Tyagi said the sacked workers were in such distress and tension that they sat with him all night in his office to get their jobs back. with their support. “More than 10 maids were employed in each ward in northeast Delhi, the number was reduced to 5, which filled the streets with rubbish.” Pathak said, “When it was announced that the three MCDs would be merged, the BJP units – be it the national unit or the state unit – said that the problems of formerly of the MCD would now be resolved. The BJP has said that the MCD will not face any more problems, whether financial or of any other nature. But it seems that since the merger of the MCD, the BJP has decided to punish the citizens of Delhi or is trying to take revenge on the citizens of Delhi.