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“And Reverend Green be glad to see you

When you don’t have a praaaaaaaaayer..

But, man, you have a prayer in Memphis” -Marc Cohn

Mariano’s elite mentality

Mariano still puts on a passionate if error-strewn display when given minutes and it looks like the same elite mentality is keeping him going and fighting for a spot where he could have guaranteed minutes elsewhere.

A real baller at heart. Mariano is expected to finish what he started by staying at the Bernabeu until the end of his contract.

End of the road for Take?

This relationship was doomed from the start. The signs were everywhere. Odegaard.. Brahim was dispatched. Isco fell into oblivion and if LV weren’t a cheap RB alternative, he wouldn’t have minutes either.. Yes.. Size matters too! Take didn’t stand a chance. Real shame.

Comfy Lunin.. Or calculate Lunin?

Lunin is a gifted GK and there is every hope that he can reach the top level but he needs to play more. He’s a very confident player but he’s always going to come into cold games and there’s no realistic expectation that he can really compete with Courtois in the next 5 years. GKs improve with age, especially rare talents. We’ve already seen Courtois improve with the ball at his feet while being an unparalleled stopper. Lunin should be on loan and there is surely no shortage of suitors.

Do we like Borja?

The reality is that the club cannot have a high-class replacement for Karim. High level attackers are starters or they are not high level attackers. Spurs tried to get a backup striker for Kane a few years ago.

I think playing Borja for a few minutes for Karim doesn’t hurt much. There’s no way Bayern can replace Lewandowski in the semi-finals of a CL campaign and there’s no way Real Madrid can replace Karim either. We have to be realistic about the types of players sitting on the bench to have opportunities when the best player in the team gets injured.

Better the Marco we know?

Asensio, like many of his teammates, showed up at crucial times to help keep the momentum of Real Madrid’s title charge going. It’s a fact, but we wish it could do a lot more and twice as long. It will not arrive. The way Real Madrid play will continue to show glimpses of Marco’s quality and for short periods. Asensio is a healthy alternative on the bench, as it has been since his arrival. He has so far failed to make the jump after numerous opportunities.

Can we keep it? Oh.. rather please

Real Madrid still have a long way to go during this transfer window. There are young players who need to secure spaces in teams where they can grow and first-team players who contribute very little which makes it difficult for the manager to manage his squad. The manager will risk his best players mid-season as he needs wins and doesn’t trust the players who make up the rest of the numbers. Of course, Ancelotti also bears some responsibility.


Who should be the first-team back four for next season?

  • 50%
    Carvajal, Odriozola, Alaba, Mendy

    (307 votes)

  • 6%
    Carvajal, Odriozola, Fran Garcia, Mendy

    (39 votes)

  • 4%
    Carvajal, Lucas V, Fran Garcia, Miguel

    (30 votes)

  • 37%
    Carvajal, Lucas V, Miguel, Mendy

    (227 votes)

603 votes in total

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