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Day-to-day domestic workers in Delhi now see themselves without pay two days a week | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: Rinku, a domestic worker, is struggling to make ends meet after her husband lost his job as a driver in 2020 after the Covid outbreak. A mother of five children in school, Rinku is distressed to learn that domestic workers will not be allowed to go to work during the two-day weekend curfew. “I couldn’t afford my son’s tuition at a private school, and I interrupted my children’s tuition. I work in two houses. They didn’t pay me during the lockdown and I won’t be paid two days a week because of the curfew, ”she worried.
The weekend curfew left many people confused. Security officers also fear harassment from the police. Equally concerned are vegetable vendors, who actually fall under the essential services category.
While domestic worker Farzana from Okhla, a single mother of five, fears what the disruption will do to her income, security guard Gulab Singh is also worried about losing her salary when the town closes this weekend. “Most domestic workers have been hit hard by the two closures. Domestic workers have no minimum wage and no medical benefits. The weekend curfew will add to their woes as the majority of people do not pay their employees for absences, ”said Savari Raj, program organizer, Domestic Workers Union Delhi.
Nirmal Gorana, head of the National Campaign Committee for the Eradication of Bonded Labor, said: “Although the Delhi government has announced a weekend curfew, no action has been taken to protect people. employed in the informal sectors. The government must help those whose livelihoods are affected by the curfew. ”
And while the fruit and veg mandis will remain open on weekends, the vendors themselves aren’t sure things will be easy. Adil Ahmad Khan, Chairman of Azadpur Agricultural Commodity Market Committee, said: “As fruits and vegetables are essential staples, Azadpur and other mandis in Delhi will remain open 24/7. , including during the weekend curfew. All Covid guidelines will be followed. But vendor Jagdish Yadav said cautiously: “During the lockdown, as we did not have ID cards showing us as vegetable vendors, we were stopped by police on the way to Mandis. This time too it will be the same.
The various mandis will operate with more stringent standards during the weekend curfew. Recently, a meeting was held between the police and the Okhla Mandi Agricultural Market Committee for arrangements inside the wholesale market during the curfew. “Several points were discussed, including the preparation of passes for workers working at the mandi, social distancing, crowd limitation, etc.”, said the officer.
Even though police said those engaged in essential services must carry proof of identity and occupation, DCP (South) Benita Mary Jaiker said no domestic workers would be allowed on the roads. Garbage collectors would be allowed to operate if they are deemed to provide essential services, another officer added.
Meanwhile, DCP (East) Priyanka Kashyap said, “During curfews, people usually stay inside. We will also work to raise awareness about this for the weekend curfew so that the people of Delhi will adapt to it rather than the police forcefully enforcing the curfew regulations. The law must be strictly observed. ”
Another officer said people should show the required documents when they are on the streets during the weekend curfew to prove they are in exempt categories. “No gathering will be allowed outside stores selling basic necessities. People must adhere to social distancing standards and wear masks, ”the officer said.