Dehradun: 15-year-old boy rapes 5-star hotel housekeeping staff | Dehradun News

DEHRADUN: A 24-year-old woman working in the housekeeping department of a 5-star hotel based in Dehradun was allegedly raped by a 15-year-old boy who was staying there with his family.
According to the police, the accused comes from a wealthy Chhattisgarh family with interests in the construction industry. The wife, who lives with her husband in Dehradun, said she was raped in a toilet and later the boy’s father offered her money to “bury the matter”. However, she insisted on reporting the matter to the police. An FIR has been filed under section 376 (rape) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The boy was apprehended.
According to Deputy Inspector Shashi Purohit, who is investigating the case, the incident happened around 9.30am on Friday. “According to the complaint, the woman was inside the women’s restroom charging her mobile phone when the boy burst in. When she told him he couldn’t be in the women’s restroom, the boy locked the door, raped her and left. As the door was locked, no one could hear the woman’s cries for help. She then reached the hotel manager’s office and informed him of the incident. Purohit said that after receiving the information, the police arrived at the scene and apprehended the boy. “A medical examination proved that the woman had been raped,” he said.
The survivor told TOI: “When I told the family what the boy had done, instead of consoling me, they offered me money and treatment in a major hospital to cover up the matter. I told them I’d rather go to the police and I didn’t need their money.
Meanwhile, one of the officers with knowledge of the investigation said the boy had confessed to the act. “The boy kept crying during the interrogation and said he made a mistake, which he now regrets,” the officer said. The boy was brought before the juvenile justice board on Saturday afternoon, which then sent him to a juvenile correctional facility in Dehradun.
(The identity of the victim has not been released to protect her privacy in accordance with Supreme Court guidelines on sexual assault cases)