Delta Hospital housekeeping workers back with FHA

The change comes after nearly 20 years of workers outsourcing their services to private companies

Health facilities in Delta are seeing the return of housekeeping employees to the Fraser Health Authority.

Last year, the province announced it would end 21 housekeeping and food service contracts in the health care system, with most existing contracts with private sector providers expiring this year.

This decision means that under Bill 47, approximately 4,000 employees will return to be directly employed by the various health authorities.

On Thursday, Fraser Health said it would welcome 474 housekeeping workers back to 18 area health facilities this month, including Delta Hospital, Mountain View Manor and Irene Thomas Hospice.

The change comes after nearly 20 years of outsourcing services to private companies.

“Returning health care workers to the public system means better working conditions for them, better care for patients and a stronger health system for all of us,” said Adrian Dix, Minister of Health, in a press release. “I am proud of Fraser Health for the incredible repatriation efforts they have made so far.”

Delta North NDP MP Ravi Kahlon said in a press release that “housekeepers play a critical role in our healthcare system, helping to keep our patients healthy and clean. facilities. Bringing these essential workers back to Fraser Health gives them the working conditions, pay and respect they deserve.

Province notes that to address inequities and improve working conditions for employees in healthcare facilities, it is ensuring workers have the benefits, wages and working conditions they deserve so they can help patients .

Evidence has shown that employees who feel secure in their jobs provide better quality care to people and, in turn, employers can attract and retain staff at a higher and more consistent level, the province said. .