Disney catches housekeeping cast members stealing rooms in Port Orleans as part of Operation Sting

Disney went on a sting to catch cast members robbing guests at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside last month.

A Sheriff’s Arrest Report details how the company pulled off the scam that led to the arrest of two cast members with the help of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. It took place on March 9. (The sheriff’s office only released the report this week.)

Disney set up hotel room #8097 as a decoy. The room, which was not used by real guests, was secretly video-monitored by sheriff’s detectives, who watched the live feed from a nearby hotel room.

Then Disney left $200 cash as “bait”.

“The money was placed in a small black backpack and put in view of the camera,” the sheriff’s report said.

Other items, including an Apple iPad, Apple AirPods and other personal items, were also left in the hotel room.

At around 9:50 a.m., Disney cast members Raphmarie Cartagena Torres and Aishaleam Abraham Rodriguez entered No. 8097 with instructions to clean the room.

Torres, 27, of Orlando, was and was suspected of ongoing robberies, according to her arrest report, noting that Disney had opened investigations into Torres. The initial report does not detail how many thefts have already occurred at the hotel and how many other items have been stolen before.

The sheriff’s report reads: “Upon entry (Raphmarie) is seen immediately entering the front pocket of the backpack and removing the money from inside the bag. He is observed counting the money while engaging in conversation with (the other employee). Raphmarie counts $65, places it on the TV cabinet, and a hand is seen removing the money from the cabinet. Raphmarie is then seen rummaging through the rest of the bags in the camera’s field of view, to include the rest of the satchel as well as a suitcase on the bench next to the TV cabinet.

The two women did not take any of the Apple products or other personal items, according to the report.

Sheriff’s detectives confronted the two Disney employees after they left the room.

Each woman had $65 in cash that matched the serial numbers of the decoy room money, according to the report.

The two women were arrested and charged last month with theft by an employee, according to Orange Circuit Court records.

Torres’ phone did not accept voicemail, so she could not be reached for comment. Rodriguez, 30, of Orlando, also could not be reached for comment on Wednesday.

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