Domestic workers

Domestic workers march to protest high rents and low wages in South Florida – NBC 6 South Florida

Domestic workers in South Florida gathered for a march in downtown Miami on Sunday on International Workers’ Day to protest rising rents.

Participants said they needed more rights as tenants because the affordability crisis was excluding them from their neighborhoods.

“We’re getting kicked out of our own town,” said Miami Workers Center member Vanny Veras.

Social workers and domestic workers at the Miami Workers Center say that to live in South Florida, they need higher wages and workplace protections.

“It’s impossible for our people to afford it. All of our workers and tenants are going through a really bad time of crisis and we need more support,” Veras said.

A report values ​​a one-bedroom apartment in Miami at $2,744 per month, up 21.6% from last year.

Many say that it is simply not possible to live here. Especially domestic workers who say their low wages can’t give them access to safe housing.

Workers are urging county officials to pass the Tenants’ Bill of Rights, which they say would increase protections against eviction and housing discrimination for tenants and their families.

“We need them to adopt it with the enforcement powers that it originally had with protections because we don’t need anything symbolic, we need real protections and real actions” , Veras said.

Officials say the bill is up for a final vote.