Domestic workers

Domestic workers raise their voices for rights

Over 400 domestic workers from across Karnataka took part in a protest meeting organized by the Joint Action Committee of Domestic Workers Unions here on Thursday on the International Domestic Workers Day.

Sharing their experiences, Radha, a domestic helper, said: “Where I worked before, they didn’t even allow me to enter the kitchen because of my caste. They kept all the utensils used in the washroom so I could clean them from there. I was not allowed to use the toilets that I used to clean. Aren’t we human beings? Jahira, a domestic helper from West Bengal, who has worked here for 12 years, said: “During the pandemic, we were treated as carriers of the infection. On top of that, almost every week, the police came to our slum, even at midnight, to ask for ID cards. Kapila, Munilaxmi and other domestic workers raised their voices for weekly holidays, bonuses, the dignity of work and other social justices by joining the slogan: “We are not slaves, we are not servants, and we also have the right to a living wage and recognition.

Geeta Menon, chair of the committee, said: “Every year on International Domestic Workers Day, we organize protests, but India, till today, has not ratified the convention. which will pave the way for strong legislation at central and state level. level.”