Greener and more efficient housekeeping services at the Lachine Hospital

The Lachine Hospital expansion project promises improvements in working methods, particularly in housekeeping services.

“The modernization project has been underway for some time now and it is time for it to take off. People are excited about the project and it’s no different for housekeeping services,” says manager Joe Vieira, who has worked at the hospital for 13 years.

For housekeeping, the long-awaited project will be a challenge and will require a transition period. “We will have to move people to the new site and hire new employees to maintain the new building,” explains Joe Vieira. “There will be a lot more work, because each patient room will have its own bathroom, with a toilet and a shower.” Housekeeping services will be responsible for continuing to meet high standards of infection control.

The modernization project requires the ministry to review its practices and equipment. The cleaning routes will be redesigned and the recycling and waste management center will be modernized. “We’ll be much greener and recycle more, while reducing the overall volume of non-recyclable waste,” says Joe. This redesign is expected to be completed by June 2022.

Coordination is key to moving this project forward

Preparing the modernization project required close collaboration within the housekeeping team and with other departments. “We worked together and learned from building the Glen,” says Joe. “We incorporated the positives and improved based on the lessons we learned from previous experiences.” Employee feedback and the desire to improve work organization and work processes as well as the need for additional space have been taken into account.

Each floor will have a large, fully-stocked supplies closet dedicated to housekeeping, so employees won’t have to search for the tools they need, like ladders. “Employees are happy to find all the tools they need on every floor,” says Joe.

Joe is grateful to his employees and colleagues for their support. “At the Lachine Hospital, our employees are always ready to work as a team.

Part of the housekeeping team
director Joe Vieira
director Joe Vieira