Housekeeping: We want your feedback

Hi! As you know, TTAC is a little different than it was last week. And works a little differently too.

Well, it’s been a week now, and we’d love to hear your feedback, the reader, on what works and what doesn’t.

I’ve been following comments and reading your emails (and responding, if needed. If I owe you an answer, feel free to ping me again). But it will be easier if we can collect feedback in the comments of this post.

Please keep your grievances realistic and focus on things that aren’t working or that we could easily change. This means complaints about user experience, bugs or features. Complaints about aesthetics are irrelevant to this conversation, as are complaints about the mix or tone of topics or the quality of our prose. Save them for another time.

We are aware of some things that are not working or not working well, and these things will be fixed shortly.

Please keep in mind that the impetus behind the change was not only that the old site looked, well, old, but also that it was quite slow to load. It was like an 80s crapcan – worked well for a long time but started to look dated and run slowly.

As our VP of Content, Colum Wood, explains: “While the front-end of the site doesn’t look radically new, the changes to the back-end are dramatic. As you may know, Google places a lot of emphasis on site speed and a few other key metrics. Achieving these metrics is critical to having a high-ranking site and top-performing content. With the migration to this new platform, we were able to eliminate much of the tech debt accumulated over the years and score extremely high in all of Google’s measured key metrics.”

In other words, we will run faster once everything is settled. It’s good for you – the site will load faster on your laptop, tablet or phone. And that’s good for us – we’ll improve traffic a bit, and we writers and publishers will be more productive when the site loads faster.

But as always when there is a major change, we run into unforeseen challenges. Most of them should be dealt with this week.

That said, we also want to hear from you. Ring below!

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