No rat infestation at Hougang Ave 8, retailers must maintain good food housekeeping: City Council

Ang Mo Kio Municipal Council (AMKTC) has refuted allegations of rodent infestation in Hougang Avenue 8.

The city council’s response comes after a rat was seen feeding on corn at a Giant Express store at block 683 Hougang Avenue 8 in a video that circulates online.

A spokesperson for Giant’s owner DFI Retail Group said earlier: “We are aware of the ongoing rodent problem in the Hougang area which has resulted in this incident outside our store.

“As a responsible food retailer and member of the community, we have informed AMKTC of the current rodent problem in the area and we wish to work collaboratively to alleviate the problem.”

According to the spokesperson, Giant has been proactive in contacting the city council in recent months to highlight the “current rodent problem”. It also carries out regular intensive rodent treatment programs to solve the “external problem in the Hougang area”.

The affected store has since undergone high-level disinfection.

Commenting on the video of the rat, a resident further claimed that the areas of Hougang Street 51/52 and Hougang Avenue 8 are “infested with rodents”. He also claimed there had been “no improvement” despite “numerous” complaints.

In response to a query from Stomp, AMKTC clarified Friday, July 22, “There is no rodent infestation in Hougang 51/52 Street and Avenue 8.

“We carry out regular inspections to detect the presence of rodent burrows in common areas and carry out treatment as soon as any rodent burrows are detected. Joint inspections are carried out with the competent agency if necessary.”

“AMKTC would like to seek the cooperation of supermarket operators, dry food vendors and coffee shop vendors in the neighborhood to maintain good maintenance of their food products on their premises so that they do not become a source of food to attract and become develop the rodent population.

“The cleanliness of common areas will be closely monitored by AMKTC at all times.”