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PIL in Delhi HC seeks welfare advice for home nurses and domestic workers

A Public Interest Petition (PIL) has been filed in the Delhi High Court requesting the Center and the Delhi Labor Commissioner’s Office to consider setting up a Welfare Board for home nurses and domestic workers.

The application, filed by the NGO Distress Management Collective, said it was compelled to go to the High Court because of the “precarious scenario” and the way this vulnerable class of women was being exploited.

There is an urgent need to constitute a welfare council for them at pan-India level, he said.

The petitioner said the pandemic has highlighted the concerns of home nurses and has encountered many grievances from home nurses and domestic workers who have been exploited by employment agencies and employers.

”The petitioner organization has been made to understand by victims of exploitation that recruitment agencies for home nurses take a commission from their hard-earned monthly salary every month. This practice of taking part of the salary each month should be discouraged and stopped. Additionally, home nurses are often required to work non-stop,” the petition states.

The plea concerns the violation of Article 21, which includes the right to a safe working environment for women from poor backgrounds, he said.

”Many are hired on the condition that they have to look after a bedridden patient 24/7 and this harsh condition is accepted by compulsion. Home nurses, due to the conditions imposed on them, must leave their home and live with the patient. It is through this that the need to ensure the safety of a nurse in the home is gaining relevance,” the petition adds.

He asserted that there is a dire need for a survey to determine whether the agencies providing job opportunities for home care nurses and domestic workers in the city have the required registration/license and that a committee should be constituted to examine their situation.

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