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Plan to hire Bangladeshi ‘domestic workers’ in Kuwait – ARAB TIMES

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KUWAIT CITY, June 22: Bangladesh’s Ambassador to Kuwait, Major General MD Ashikuzzaman has unveiled the country’s plan to recruit domestic workers in Bangladesh, saying there has been no agreement to this regard so far, reports the daily Al-Qabas. He said that this issue will be discussed at the second meeting of the joint committee, which is expected to be held this year. “Currently, there are no Bangladeshi domestic workers in Kuwait; but there are 1,500 workers under Article 18 visas in cleaning companies. He confirmed that there is coordination between the two countries for Bangladesh to provide Kuwait with skilled workers.

Bangladeshi Ambassador to Kuwait, Major General MD Ashikuzzaman

When asked if female Bangladeshi workers assigned to schools faced any problems, Ashikuzzaman said there were complaints that some companies were delaying payment of wages. He went on to say that the employment of Bangladeshi domestic workers depends on Kuwait’s willingness to provide adequate protection to workers through an agreement signed by the two countries. He added that Bangladesh and Kuwait signed a labor agreement in 2001, but it does not cover labor recruitment issues. He said the embassy was proposing a meeting between the relevant ministers of the two countries to sign a new detailed agreement or memorandum of understanding on the recruitment of Bangladeshi workers.