Domestic workers

Precise data on domestic workers put forward to guarantee their rights

Trade union and civil society representatives on Sunday called for sensitization of relevant parties to ensure accurate data on domestic workers in the upcoming labor force survey.

They made the call during a discussion on domestic workers’ rights at the National Press Club organized by the Bangladesh Institute of Social Studies (BILS), the Bangladesh Domestic Workers Rights Network and the Suniti Project. . BILS Vice President Anwar Hossain chaired the program.

Speaking as the chief guest of the ceremony, Rashed Khan Menon, Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee of the Ministry of Social Affairs, said: “Just talking about building employer-worker unity while ignoring the interests of workers will not guarantee workers’ rights. Industrial relations must be built by guaranteeing the fair rights of workers.”

Also speaking on the occasion, BILS Joint Secretary General Wajedul Islam Khan said the contribution of domestic workers to GDP was not properly recognised.

“In addition to the rights of domestic workers, everyone should be aware of their health,” he said.

Naimul Ahsan Jewel, general secretary of the National Alliance of Bangladeshi Workers, said the actual number of domestic workers is unknown.

He urged all parties involved to play their part properly to ensure that the number of domestic workers is correctly counted in the next census.

Abul Hossain, acting coordinator of the Domestic Workers’ Rights Network Bangladesh, demanded that the work of domestic workers be recognized as a profession as soon as possible.

During a presentation to the programme, Md Yusuf Al Mamun, deputy director and project coordinator for BILS, revealed that at least three domestic workers were killed after being tortured and 9 others were injured in January-March 2022.

Last year, 38 domestic workers were victims of abuse.