The 8 Best Fondue Pots, According to the Good Housekeeping Institute




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Did you know that the Union Suisse des Fromages declared fondue a national dish of Switzerland in 1930? The look and feel of the Swissmar Lugano set looks so much like authentic Swiss fondue pots that you might be fooled into thinking you’re dining at Chateau de Gruyeres.

“Swissmar is known for good kitchenware,” Papantoniou said, and this set is no exception. It has everything you need for a classic fondue night, including six three-pronged forks with sturdy faux wood handles and a wrought iron stand with a matching tray to slide underneath. Note that some users have found that the pot occasionally slips on the base if not full, so be careful!

The from Lugano the enameled cast iron pot offers a host of benefits like easy cleanup, excellent heat distribution, and the ability to cook at high and low temperatures, so you can enjoy everything from a spicy Fireball Cheese Fondue aperitif at one salted caramel dessert fondue.

“The cast iron pot holds heat well and it’s enamelled, so you don’t have to worry about heating it up and you can use it on any heat source, even your stovetop,” Papantoniou explained. “It’s a very nice machine with a modern look, and the [burner] can easily keep things warm. It’s just a very simple model.

After heating up your chocolate, cheese, broth or oil on your stovetop, you can ensure that the contents of your pan stay melty and gooey by lighting the gel fuel burner attached to the base. (Swissmar recommends using its own Swiss fire gel for best results.)