The municipal council wants to appoint a housekeeping training organization

City Council will likely approve a resolution at its meeting tonight certifying Kirkpatrick Enterprises International as a Certified Public Housekeeping Training Organization to provide training for hotel room attendants in West Hollywood.

The move is part of last year’s Hospitality Workers Order, which required a public housekeeping training and education program to be in place to “ensure that West Hollywood hotel room attendants have the knowledge and skills to protect their own rights and public health and safety.”

Kirkpatrick Enterprises International will be responsible for

● conduct a training program

● Administer an exam that tests basic skills in the required training elements and issue a certificate to each room attendant who successfully completes the training and exam.

West Hollywood hotels are responsible for paying the public housekeeping training organization for the training, testing, certification, and recertification of their employees. The City will have an ongoing administrative role by collecting training certificates and overseeing the training organization.

Kirkpatrick was the only company to apply for the city’s tender. The Valencia-based company also won a contract to provide these services to the City of Santa Monica, after which the WeHo City Council modeled its own hospitality worker ordinance. UNITE HERE Local 11 was instrumental in designing and lobbying for both policies. The company describes itself as follows:

“Founded in 1990 to provide training and implementation programs to companies in the manufacturing and service industries. Our founder, Gordon Kirkpatrick, has developed and secured over 250 publicly funded programs for companies in the hospitality, automotive, aerospace, food, service and construction industries. , among other things, to increase workforce development and promote employment in California. Our company has expanded its services to include popular programs such as ERP, VESL, Lean Manufacturing, 6 Sigma, Leadership Skills, Management Skills, Lean Safety, Safety Culture, and just recently (since 2019!) added the Certified Public Housekeeping program the many personalized training courses offered to our customers. Our seasoned bilingual facilitators have been with the company for decades and have a background in business, marketing, process improvement and workplace safety.