Domestic workers

Three Filipino domestic workers already allowed to travel to SAR under test-entry program

Health authorities have already approved three applications for Filipino domestic workers under a recently launched trial entry program.

On April 25, local authorities began receiving applications from eligible domestic workers or potential domestic workers of Filipino nationality for exemption from entry restrictions through their employer or employment agency.

During its weekly pandemic press conference, the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center said it had received four requests, three of which were approved and one was denied.

Those approved under the plan will be able to request quarantine at a medical observation hotel from May 2.

The trial program will also cover applications from foreign teaching or research staff who are lacking locally – in particular Portuguese-speaking teachers – the management staff of educational institutions, as well as students admitted to a foreign institution. ‘Higher Education.

Currently, a platform for foreign domestic worker applications has been set up, with an application platform for teachers and students made available after coordination between the Education and Youth Bureau and the Labor Affairs Bureau.

To be eligible for the program, prospective domestic workers from the Philippines must aim to care for the elderly, young children and the sick and must have already obtained an entry permit for the purpose of domestic work.

The program aims to provide assistance in the care of people aged 65 or over, children aged 3 or under or sick people.

Applications should be submitted to the Bureau of Labor Affairs who will verify the applicant’s needs and provide a list of eligible employers for the Public Security Force.

Workers, their care recipients, and people living with care recipients must comply with COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

Individuals entering this program must still undergo 14 days of quarantine at a designated hotel, plus an additional 7 days of self-health management.

During the self-health management period, persons entering under this program must stay at a “self-health management hotel” – the Broadway Hotel being the only one currently available – or in a house with a separate bedroom.