TTAC gets a game-changing design language

When you log into this August site next week, it will be different. For the first time in… well, in a long time.

I know, you’ve heard of a redesign before. I even saw models! But for various reasons, things never got beyond the planning stage.

Now, however, our parent companies are benefiting from a partnership, and TTAC will be receiving new duds.

You probably have questions.

Here is what I know:

  • You will need to reset your password after the update in order to continue commenting.
  • Old comments will migrate.
  • The site will remain operational during the migration.
  • I will be monitoring my inbox and the advice inbox for specific questions from all of you.
  • The migration should be completed early next week. I’m intentionally vague on the timeline as unforeseen events occur, but I expect that even if we run into issues, the migration will be complete by mid-week at the latest.
  • Old articles will migrate.
  • Some things will change, but the core user experience shouldn’t change too much. Comments, tags, categories – all the little things you see should stay, in one form or another. Fast facts will continue to be part of car reviews, for example. The site will be different, but overall it will navigate essentially the same way.

Change can be both welcome and difficult. Aside from the business concerns and opportunities that a redesign brings, I was torn on this. Part of me thinks it’s high time, just from an aesthetic standpoint, for TTAC to update. Although the site has changed over time – some Wayback Machine research from before I was a semi-regular reader shows that the site looked different in the past, but not that different from its current form – it hasn’t really had a drastic change, as far as I know.

On the other hand, the familiarity of the actual site sometimes feels nice and cozy.

That said, I’ve seen what the new site will look like, and the design is cleaner and less cluttered. And more modern.

I’m having trouble finding a good model car. I think the change is more like the C8 Corvette than the retro Mustang redesign of all those years ago. The shape is familiar and the mission is the same, but the engine has moved in such a way that the car is so much better.

However, you have to get used to it. A mid-engined Corvette? No manual?! Yet the car is better than before. Although very different from the previous generation. Or all the previous people who came before.

I hope that’s how you think of TTAC the same way – with fond memories of the past, but understanding that the new vehicle is so much better.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

[Image: TTAC/VerticalScope]

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